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What is an outdoor wood furnace?

The wood furnace is located outside at a desired distance from the building being heated. The unit consists of a firebox inside an insulated water jacket. The entire unit is covered by a protective metal exterior.
The heat from the firebox is transferred into the surrounding water jacket. An aquastat controls the combustion in the firebox, keeping the water temperature in a desired range. The heated water is then pumped through insulated pipes from the unit to the building being heated. An outdoor furnace can work with any new or existing heating systems.

Additional Uses

Outdoor wood furnaces also have many additional uses. One of these is the ability to heat domestic water. Owners enjoy having an unlimited supply of hot water, not to mention cost savings on their utility bills.
Outdoor wood furnaces, in addition to heating homes and businesses, can heat many other applications, including shops, garages, barns, drying kilns, greenhouses, swimming pools, and hot tubs